Northern Mindanao State Institute of Science and Technology 8600 Ampayon, Butuan City, Philippines



Selected fungicides were tested to control damping-off affecting bagras  seedlings in the Central
Nursery of the Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines (PICOP), Surigao del Sur, Philippines. The
fungicides, at three concentrations each, were applied once before seed sowing to control pre-emergence
damping-off and applied again after germination to control post-emergence damping-off. Ajax detergent (2g/l
H2O), Benlate (0.5 g/1 H2O), Brassicol (1.5 gv'l H2O), and Fungitox (1.0 g/1 H2O) provided the best level of
control against the disease. Ajax detergent is the most practical among the best chemicals because it is cheap,
locally available, not a health hazard, and less polluting.
Key Words :  Eucalyptus deglupta/ Seeds/Nursery/flWzoctoma so/am'/Fungicides/Application

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