New Regulation of English Language Editing Certificate Requirement

Effective since 19 June 2020, Author(s) are not required to have their manuscripts edited by a professional English language editor during the submission process; however, the Author(s) need to ensure that the language quality of the manuscript is not lower than 70% when being checked with Grammarly application.

Manuscript with checking result of more than 70% shall be processed to the next stage. However, if the checking result is lower than 70%, the Editorial Board shall assess the content of the manuscript. If the content of the manuscript is significant, the manuscript shall be given back to the Author(s) for language improvement through proofreading process by professional language editing service or editor assigned by the Editorial Board and the Author(s) later need to provide BIOTROPIA with a certification from the same when done together with the edited version of the manuscript. All editing costs will be borne by the Author(s). Nevertheless, if the content of the manuscript is not significant, the manuscript shall be rejected.